From the Sexpert Podcast Series...

Pink Sex Geek talks to Jane Fader about
how her body weight and struggles with fibromyalgia
impacted her sexual development and awakening,
how being a "big" alter-net fetish model sparked the confidence she has today,
why doggiestyle is her favorite position, and how to get the most out of
your favorite sexual positions using a wedge sex pillow.

Download the 18-minute podcast or read the transcript here.

We're in a negative culture--we're in a sex-negative culture, we're in a body-negative culture. There's a lot of repression in America and in the media and in the world. It's a very rebellious act to love yourself. It's a very rebellious act to enjoy sex in some ways. To own your sexuality can be a very revolutionary kind of thing. And that revolutionary act of really loving yourself for exactly who you are and exactly what your flaws are is increadibly empowering. And fuck what anyone else says.

--Pink Sex Geek,